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   UPS -and - USPS

shipping and mail services


Here at Copy, Ship and Mail we offer both UPS and USPS (United States Postal Service) services.  We are proud to say that we have been a "Top 100 ASO" (UPS Authorized Shipping Outlet) for the last five years in a row!  Come on in and let us take care of your shipping needs.




To best answer which option is best for you, here are the answers to our most frequently asked questions:



 During the holidays, when is the right time to come in if I want my package to arrive on time?

If the holiday falls on weekend, then it best to ship that package the beginning of that week or the week before, depending on the destination. If the holiday falls on a weekday then it is best to ship a week and a half in advance. *Remember no quoted delivery date is guaranteed and tracking is always available.*

Which option should I use if I absolutely need it there overnight?

UPS offers guaranteed overnight service.  We just have to have it ready for them by 2:30 p.m. each day.  UPS also offers 2nd Day, 3-Day, and many other options.


When would USPS be the better choice?

Depending on weight of the envelope or package, and the destination zip code, sometimes USPS is the less expensive choice.  Often, however, UPS is the less expensive of the two AND comes with $100 free insurance, and ALWAYS has a tracking number. 


Can I ship UPS to a PO Box? 

No, UPS requires a street address.


How long does it take to ship UPS compared to USPS?

UPS is usually the quicker option between the two.  Within the state of Oregon it's a 1 to 2 day delivery.  And around the country shipments usually take no more than 5 days.  Bring or call us with your zip code and we can tell you the expected delivery date easily.


What are my options for shipping UPS?

You can ship envelopes or packages either via "ground" delivery,  overnight, 2-Day, 3-Day ... and so much more! Rates are based on the destination address, the size of the package and the weight of the package.  While each package comes with $100 insurance for no additional cost, you can insure your item for any amount you need.   


What if I have a "prepaid" label from somewhere that shows free shipping? Where do I drop that off?

In Baker City the ONLY UPS "ASO" (Authorized Shipping Outlet) is here at Baker City Copy, Ship & Mail.  However, you do have the option of going on-line to have a UPS truck come to your house (they have a pick up fee), or running down a truck that is out on deliveries.  There are a couple of envelope drops for UPS (one at the DMV and one at the truck stop).  If you bring a package with a prepaid label to us, we will take care of the package for a $2 handling fee for a package, or $1 fee for envelopes.  This fee just helps us be able to provide the service to the community and has not increased for 15 years!  Thank you to our wonderful community for doing business with us for all that time!



If you have ANY questions about shipping or mailing services, please don't hesitate to contact us. (contact info at top of page.)

*NOTE: We have the right to open ANY package/parcel, at any time, that we believe may contain illegal or harmful material. It is our right as a store.*