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Store hours:  Monday - Friday 9:30 - 5:30

Joyce's Custom Frame & Crafts

We have been providing professional custom framing services for many years now, and we would be proud to help you!  No matter how big or small the project, we'd like to be your framing choice!  We offer hundreds of choices in customer frame choices, and also many "ready made" frames in a wide variety of sizes.  You choose your frame, choose your glass, choose your mat --- we'll take it from there!




Custom frames -- you choose!

Ready-made frames

Replacement glass, or glass cut to fit YOUR frame


            Conservation (UV protection)

            Conservation Non-Glare

Mat board - cut to fit or whole sheets (acid free only!)

Single mat (acid free!)

Double mat (acid free!)

Frame repair

Mount to acid free Foam Core

Foam Core sheets (acid free)

Hanger replacement

Mount or place on acid free foam core

Shadow Boxes for those special memories

Shrink Wrap to around acid free foam core


It is our honor to help you frame your memories!  Bring your treasures by the store and we'd love to help you choose!  Free quotes available.