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Store hours:  Monday - Friday 9:30 - 5:30

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 Art & Craft Supplies


We offer a large variety of art supplies for any level of artist!  From paint to clay, paper to canvas, scrapbooking to woodburning ..... you get the idea!


These are a few of the many, many items that we offer:


Poster board

Paint - Oil, pastel, water color, acrylic, koi

Clay - Sculpy air or oven dry

Paper Pads - watercolor, sketch, charcoal, rice, etc ....


Wood plaques


Finishes - regular and specialty finishes

Pens - gel, calligraphy, paint, chalk, wipe off, brush, fabric, micron

Embellishments - buttons, ribbon, flowers, glitter, metal items, etc ....

Adhesives - Acid free in spray, rolls, dots, bottles, super glue, Gorilla glue, Mod Podge ...


Drafting supplies - stencils, graph paper, pencils

Charcoal Pencils and sticks

Wood burning supplies

Scrapbook - books, hundreds of paper styles, photo corners, page inserts, etc .....

Cricut Supplies - Vinyl, blades, tools

Paper Tools - punches, cutters, scissors, blades, edgers, fringe cutters ...

Felt- all colors

Foam - all colors


Ribbons - fabric, jute, hemp, etc.

Stencils - large variety of sizes and styles of alphabet stencils